Server Rules, this are the PUNISHMENTS stated with the rule that carry's a penalty of; 1st offense 3-days ban/2nd offense 7 days ban/3rd offense Permanent ban.


A. Chat Rules

1.ENGLISH IS A MUST IN THIS SERVER,and the only language allowed on trade chat and area chat.You can only use any language on NORMAL chat and Private Messages.
Other language may be used if you genuinely need help,but if your guild speaks your language,please try to ask them first.

2.Keep open PvP raids in ENGLISH,so everyone has a chance to understand whats's going on.

3.No personal conversation may be held on trade chat.It is expected to be the SERVER's chat. Take it to Whispers if you want to talk to them.

4.Disrespectful behavior,spamming CAPS (in trade chat),impersonating STAFFS members,Encouring others to break the rule, its a MUST not to do it.

5.Extreme Sexual or Violent Threaths/Harrassments Threats against Other players.

6.Spewing Public Threaths against the server or it's Staffs,Mentioning,Discussing or Advertising other server.


1.KS'ng mobs is not permitted.The definition of KS'ng is killing mobs that are aggro'd by other person taht is not in your party.Once is an accident,Multiple times is Harassment. NEVER KS while asking for a party.If someone says STOP! you must STOP.
KS'ng is ONLY allowed on killing Bosses.

2.BOSS mobs are considered "FREE FOR ALL",means anyone may attack and attempt to kill the anytime.KS'ng rul DOESNT apply here,no matter how low the HP they have left,HOWEVER,you may only DPS against Player of your faction,you cannot Reset the boss when the same faction of you is killing it,it may Result to 7 day ban.

3.DISTRIBUTION on RAIDs,you may NOT use Leader Gaining on Raids,It must be in Group Distribution.

4.KILLING in the other faction's Bases and behind the GUARDS is ILLEGAL,SAME as baiting from behind the safe zone line is PUNISHABLE,both can CAUSE 3-7 days ban.

5.Events Must be in an OPEN raid.

6.DISMANTLING Union is Strictly PROHIBITTED specially when on PvP,if you are the LEADER simply leave the raid or pass the Leadership to anyone if you dont want the RESPONSIBILITIES.

7.Multi-Clienting/Logging-in more than 1 account at the same time and SPYING on other fation raid will be Terminated in game or will be banned once Checked/Proven.